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  • Cisco

    OSI Model, IPV4 subnetting, Routing, Switching (VLAN, VTP, RSTP, Ether Channel), ACL, NAT, IPv6, WAN, VPN Layer-3 Redundancy, Backup & Restore etc

  • Windows

    Networks Topology and Cabling, IPv4 (IP Classification,Public & Privet IP), OS Installation and Hard Disk Partition, LAN Create (Workgroup Network), Share and Security, Remote Logging, Wireless Router Configure, Web Proxy Server, Outlook Configure, mail backup and Restore .Read More

  • Oracle

    SQL, Admin-1 (Workshop-1), Admin-2 (Workshop-2), PL/SQL, Oracle Forms Developer:Build Internet ApplicationRead More

  • Linux

    Installation,User and Group Management,File and Directory Management and Permission,File Editor and text processing tools, Software Installation/Reinstallation/Uninstallation,YUM,repo Management,File System Management Read More

  • Java

    Object & Class, Data Variable Types, Control Structure, Loop, Array, Exception, Inheritance, Overriding, Polymorphism, Abstraction, Interfaces, Angular JS, Spring Framework, MySQL, iReport......Read More

  • .NET programming

    Microsoft .NET Framework, Visual Studio 2010 (ASP .NET 4.0): Understanding ASP.NET development Configuring, ASP.NET Application Debugging and deploying web Applications,Managing state with ASP.NET ,CSS Working With ASP.NET controls ADO.NET. Read More

    .NET programming


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