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Our Services

INL is working under three different but intergrated areas of information Technology :

1.IT Training

2.Application Development Services (ADS) and

3.ICT Services

1. IT Training

INT has started some comprehensive training for individuals and corporations upgrading their IT potential.

We at INT try to develop a widely accepted training course and meterial directing the demands of IT industry.

2. Application Development Services (ADS)

The areas of ADS are :

  • Accounting software ;
  • Human Resource Menagement;
  • Inventory ERP Software Solutions;
  • Samll Business ERP Software;
  • Web Application;
  • Hospital Menagement System etc;

3. ICT Services

Our ICT Services include the following :

  • A high quality physical infrastructure (networks,servers,computer cluster, etc) ;
  • Helpedesk Support ,Remote Support;
  • Central file Storage;
  • Enterprise and client Hardware Maintenance;
  • SAN deployments , power and cooling consultancy;
  • Software Support,Linux , Windows and VM ware;