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Industrial Attachment


  • Digital signal controller, microprocessor, microcomputer, microcontroller (single chip computer) and digital signal processor. History and development. (3 hours).
  • Microprocessor architecture. CPU, data memory access, internal bus structure, pipeline
  • Program development tools. Hardware evaluation modules.
  • Digital input–output. Data memory mapped peripherals. Internal timers, watchdog timer. I/O devices interfacing
  • Interrupt system. Core interrupt lines, reset, boot loader. Maskable and non–maskable interrupt processing. Peripheral interrupt expansion
  • Event manager. Block diagram and components. Operating modes. Compare units and PWM mode. Dead band and capture units. Quadrature encoder pulse unit
  • Analogue-to-digital and digital-to-analogue converters
  • Serial peripheral interface. Serial communication interface. Controller area network. Programming interface. Mailbox memory
  • Flash programming. Math library
  • Digital signal processors built-in operating system. Real time operating system
  • Microprocessor’s boot ROM. Boot-ROM memory map. Vector table. Boot load methods

3 Months

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