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Industrial Attachment


Windows Network

Professional Networks Engineering:
  • Networks Topology and Cabling.
  • IPv4 (IP classification, Public & Private IP).
  • OS Installation and Hard Disk Partition.
  • LAN Create (Workgroup Network).
  • Share and Security.
  • Remote Logging.
  • Wireless Router Configure.
  • Wireless LAN.
  • Web Proxy Server.
  • Outlook Configure, mail backup and restore.
  • Network Printer Installation.
Windows Server 2012 Administration
  • Windows Server 2012 Installation
  • Active Directory for DC and ADC
  • OU, User and Group Management
  • Group Management
  • Primary and Secondary DNS
  • DHCP, IIS and FTP Server
  • File and Print Server
  • Backup and Restore
  • Performance Monitoring etc.
Hardware Engineering
  • PC Assembling
  • Troubleshooting

3 Months

Cisco Network

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
  • Introduction and OSI Reference Model
  • IPv4, TCP/IP
  • Subnetting
  • Cisco Router Configure
  • Routing (Static, Dynamic and Default)
  • Switching (VLAN, VTP, STP, RSTP, Ether Channel)
  • ACL, NAT (Static, Dynamic & PAT)
  • IPv6 (Addressing, DHCP, Routing, Tunnel)
  • Layer 3 Redundancy (HSRP, VRRP & GLBP)
  • WAN (PPP, Frame Relay)
  • Wireless LAN, DHCP
  • VPN
  • Network Management (Netflow, Syslog)
  • Backup and Restore

3 Months

Linux Network (RHEL 6.3)

Linux System and Network Administration
  • Linux Installation
  • User and Group Management
  • File and Directory Management
  • Permission, File Editor and Text Processing
  • Package and File System Management
  • YUM repo Management
  • IP, Run Level
  • Physical Storage, Managing SElinux Modes
  • Telnet and SSH
  • Primary and Secondary DNS
  • DHCP and FTP
  • Mail Server and Web Server
  • Proxy Server
  • NFS and IP Firewall
  • IP Masquerading and Samba Server
  • Monitor System Resources etc.

3 Months


Develop Mobile Application by Android

Fundamental Overview of Mobile OS & Android OS Installing & Configuring ADT & AVD Discussion and LAB on Android User Interface Creating and Building Android Application Internet Mapping API Complete Project based on communication Building and deploying on Real android devices.

3 Months

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